Event 28 - Race the Light

What a day! I was quite excited to be doing a race that was in the afternoon. This would mean a lie-in, something that hasn’t really happened over any weekend for the whole year. Waking up all snuggly in bed, slowly poking my head around the curtain in the hope of a cold, crisp winters day with blue skies. I realised I was kidding myself and the Met office weather warning had come true. Torrential rain and 50-70mph winds had arrived. I have everything crossed that it would blow over quickly before race start at 3:30pm.

After filling up on a lovely brunch, we drove to the event start in very poor conditions. Lots of flooding and sadly a few cars that had crashed due to the weather. The start had minimum marquees or space to cower or change as everything had blown away in the wind. Luckily in Mothecombe there is a lovely cafe called the School House where we had a coffee and soup before the start.


The race starts is down on the beach, all runners were huddling like penguins from the wind. On a positive note the rain had stopped. Looking over the beach we could see the estuary that we will have to cross within 200m from the start line. During the race briefing it was made clear that the water would reach most peoples waists. Many of the shorter runners look very nervous by this point!

The race started with a a very short countdown and we were off. As the race was only 8.5 wet and hilly miles my tactics were to run as fast as I could manage and still have a good time. The first 200m were quick and then we hit the estuary, it was so much deeper and the current stronger than I had expected. It definitely came up to my waist. It also made me want to run faster as the return journey would be in even higher due to the incoming tide. Getting out of the water to run up a hill into the woods was a challenge my feet were completely numb and felt like a had little trotters to run on.

Meeting friends in the water!

Meeting friends in the water!

Even with the hills the course was fast and straight forward, there were lots of runners to follow and the track through the mud was obvious. The track was obvious until you wanted to overtake another runner, I was then slipping and sliding all over the place. The course through the woods was beautiful, the first 3miles flew by. It was starting to get dimmer and the sun was defiantly setting. At this point I started to see the fast runner on their return back to the estuary. Everyone was very supportive of each other and in good spirits. Seeing the fast runners always makes me run stronger and soon I was turning around on my return journey.

The light was really fading now, but I was being stubborn and not putting on my head-torch until it was really needed. The course on the way back was similar with a couple of added secret trails. I was loving running through the woods and the mud an even up the big hills. Due to all of the ultra-training I haven’t run up big hills fo ages, it felt hard but good to get the legs and lungs moving upwards. Having reached the brow of the hill it was all down into the estuary. My head torch was now on, the light had 100% beaten me and the estuary was lit up like a christmas tree by the event organisers.

The water was deeper and stronger on the way back. It was scary at points. If I fell I think I would have been swept out to sea never to return. Again my trotters got me up the hill on the other side to the finish line. A very chilled finish as everyone was hiding from the weather and getting warm again.

It truly was a great and low-key event. I would highly recommend it. Pure trails organisation and planning was spot on (even with the estuary!).


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