Event 4 - The New Forest Challenge


When my alarm goes off super early I have to pull myself out of sleepy dreams to remind myself why the hell am I getting up. For this event I was so excited; I had actually done it a few years before so knew what was coming. However, last time the weather was awful. As I opened the curtains this morning with one eye still shut, I was greeted by the most beautiful sunrise. It was cold and frosty but not rainy and windy. Boom, those conditions I can deal with.


I was greeted at Burley village hall by some lovely smiling friendly faces. So lovely to see people who I know running and also amazing people who had decided to come and run with me. It is so great to have friends and family to run with, it makes this whole experience much more enjoyable for me.

LDWA events are always the most casual thing, not really a mass start just head out of the door when you are ready at 9am. During this event we had to navigate; most of the time everyone just follows the person in front. This does not always work as the person in front never really knows where they are going either! Within the first 30 minutes I knew that this 18 mile race was more likely going to be 20 plus miles. 

This event doesn't have very many competitors; soon we were running in our little group on our own enjoying the beautiful weather and exploring the New Forest. The cold bright weather really did showcase the New Forest.

By about 10miles I was starting to have flash backs of the mud from event number 3. Our navigation may have taken us the quickest routes but it was certainly through some bogs. My ankles starting to scream at me once again....please please please no more mud! 

The finished still seemed to be a long way away when we reached check point 4, here the marshal gave us angel cake and jelly beans; this was a great moral boost and brought a smile to my face. Cake, sunshine, friends and trail running what more could I need. 

We arrived back at Burley village hall very happy to see the end with aching ankles but just a fantastic day in the sunshine with the happiest people. 

Even though this event was no where near as hard as event number 3 the continuous toll on my body and the training is building up. I feel happy and strong currently but after only 4 events I feel like there is a long way to go. Please can I ask everyone to keep spreading the word, tell them what I am doing, give them my story and tell them why I am doing it. Please share, like, comment on the blogs or the the website. Sign up to my newsletter if you fancy a monthly update on fundraising, event blogs and stuff you guys can get involved in. Get people donating :) 

4 down. 26 to go.