Event 6 - 30th Birthday Run of 30,430metres

Birthdays are normally like Christmas morning for me, excitement, anticipation, butterflies, jumping out of bed and running down stairs to open all the brightly coloured gifts. Turning 30 has been a negative goal in my head for years, I have always put targets on myself to have achieved so much in such such a short space of time. The thirty4thirty challenge this year however has been a huge positive for my 30th year, turning this scary year into something great and raising money for such a fantastic charity like Young minds has managed to keep me looking on the bright side and to reflect on the amazing things I have done, the people I have met and the person I am today. 

Even with this in mind I didn't have the sprightly wake up that I wanted. I nasty bug from my latest trip to the Himalayas had knocked me for six. Not having managed to keep down a meal for the last 4 days was certainly not great preparation for a very long run. However, if this challenge was easy then I wouldn't be raising awareness of mental health.


Th whole aim of this challenge was to run 30,430metres to signify the challenge itself and the amount of money I am aiming to raise for Young Minds. This equates to just under 20miles. I plotted a run on Strava giving me the exact distance and thought I would run back home. Simple enough. I got into the car bright and early to be dropped to the start with my husband, what a surprise it was raining. I don't think I have even done a long run in my life where is hasn't rained at least once! 

The run started off very slowly from the village I used to live called Marchwood, a gentle start to see how my stomach would take the miles, within the first mile we reached a flood. Wet feet for the next 4 hours ensued. Southampton even though a fantastic city is a horrid city to run through, this could only be blamed on me as I plotted the route to go along the main roads to leave the city as soon as possible and get to the Itchen bridge and into Royal Victoria Country park which is a delightful place. Just as I was about to run into the country park an amazing hello was heard behind me; my friend Alice had ridden her bike to find me and to cycle the next 10miles with me. The kindness of others makes all of the challenges worth it. 


Us three amigos then trotted on further; my body was really flagging at this point, feel void and empty of any nutrients and I still was not able to keep anything down. On I shuffled. Running to the river Hamble was fantastic. Here we had to get on the pink ferry to take us across the river. This point to me signified getting closer to home and an extra delight was the Rising Sun, a pub on the other side of the river. It was a must to stop to have a coke and copious packets of crisps.


After the Rising Sun the route went very coastal, running next to the sea was beautiful but the pebbles were tough on the legs and energy levels. Alice and her road bike also had a struggle! After a mile or so of pebbles my legs could no longer run so I decided to power walk, walking straight into a sign. The sign read DIVERSION. Noooooooo. A three mile diversion off the coast path due to erosion. This was not what I needed. Again off I shuffled after a few swear words under my breath. Even though 5 miles from home I only had about 1.7 miles to run before my target was reached. 30,430m. Obviously the diversions and the map plotting were not 100% accurate. Normally I would run all of the way home but the way I was feeling I told my comrades that I would reach the target and then stop. My goal would be achieved! 

Reaching was target distance down a random country lane wasn't quite the beach finish I had in mind, however it was a happy one. I was happy I had done it even though feeling awful, I was happy I spent the day running with my husband Will and friend Alice and I was also happy that I had just reached £5000 of my fundraising target.

The finish, 30,430m ran.

The finish, 30,430m ran.

I would love to tell you all that I drank champagne to celebrate my 30th birthday in the evening but sadly I had a bath and was in bed fast asleep by 8pm. The good news is my Nepalese bug has seemed to have gone and I can once again eat full meals.  

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