Expeditions are a huge part of my life both for work and for play. I started to lead expeditions about 5 years ago after working hatred to get my Mountain Leader award. I have seriously reaped the benefits of gaining this qualification, with further work and qualifications I have lead people all over the world. I always feel very privileged to be the person that aids someones dream trip and once in a life-time adventure. Below are a couple of expeditions I have a lot of experience in and feel they are really great starters for people who are looking for that trip with a difference.

I have written a journal for every trip I have ever been on or led, over the up coming weeks and months I am planning to write about these trips and give out some handy hints and tips. 



Kilimanjaro holds a very special place in my heart. I am now over multiple figures of the times I have stood on the top. Each time it is a completely different experience, a different group with different challenges. For me however it is like I am going back home to see my Rafiki. It is a stunning mountain and a real achievement for everyone who reaches the summit. It is a hike the whole way however, never underestimate summit night, but also remember the best feeling in the world of wrapping your hands around a hot mug of tea once you reach the crater rim. 


Everest Base CAmp

Potentially the most spiritual trek you could ever go on. The local people are so friendly; the first time I went to the Himalayas I found the whole experience very surreal; the mountains are so big you can not really comprehend their size, the views are so beautiful you don't believe what your eyes are seeing and the atmosphere so calm and spiritual you get emotional just being there. After my first Himalayan visit it took me a long time to reflect and process what I had seen and what I had experienced. 



Sweden is just a huge untouched and unspoilt wilderness. There are no restrictions or where you can go and where you can camp, it is pure freedom. I have been to Sweden on multiple trips but my favourite way to visit Sweden is to Canoe, set up a hammock and a fire in the evening and carry on the next day. If you are brave enough you can jump into the bracing waters for a quick dip. Sweden is a place where I feel like me, with no phone signal or internet it is a perfect get away.