A brief summary about me...

I love being outside. If I stay indoors for too long my legs start to itch and I get a little twitchy. I have been this way for as long as I can remember. I love to push myself and and see if my goals can grow and expand. When I push myself I am testing my body but mainly I am pushing myself mentally. The mental aspects off any challenge are the most interesting; this is where you learn, grow and flourish. Anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it. 

I am a Devonian, UK born but my biggest desire is to travel and explore, see new places, meet new people and embrace different cultures. My favourite activities combine a challenge and travel, this can come in the form of hiking, biking, running, climbing, paddling and skiing I am not fussy. Just let me be out there! I take inspiration from everywhere, my friends and family, the people I meet, watching others on adventures. I truly believe everybody has an adventurous spirit in them, it does not matter what the adventure is; however big or small it may seem we all should be encouraging, excited and supportive of others. 

I always do things that make me happy. To be happy I stay active but I also love love love to curl up with a good book and drink hot chocolate, go out with friends, spend as much time with my husband as possible, eat chocolate, take the dog for a walk, drink nice red wine, take a bath with LOADS of bubbles, do yoga, go surfing, walk the dog; I love the feeling when you get up early and see the sunrise and feel ridiculously smug that most peoples alarms have not even gone off yet. I have always lived in the countryside and I hate technology. That is me in a nutshell. 


What is happening now...

I have the great pleasure of working with incredible people in a variety of different ways. I am an outdoor instructor which includes teaching bushcraft and survival to both young people and adults. I hold all 5 level 3 bushcraft certificates. I am currently working towards my level 4 and I plan to be assessed for the IOL bushcraft competency certificate when the opportunity arises. I am a tutor to students who are disengaged from school education. I am a mountain leader which allows me to take expeditions all over the world, I lead on average 12 international expeditions per year and then lead other expeditions based in the UK. This is the pinnacle of what I love to do as it allows me to take groups of people all over the world to pursue their dream adventure. I am a BASI ski instructor in the alps over the winter season. I am a regional associate for expeditions, this means I have the great job of going into schools and getting students excited and ready for their future trips abroad. 

The future...

2018 and beyond is a really exciting for me. I leading trips to the Himalayas, Norway, Russia and Tanzania. Continuing with my Masters studies in Crisis and Disaster Management. But my biggest challenge of 2018 is thirty4thirty. To read more about this challenge see the thirty4thirty challenge page.

What I have Achieved...

Professional expeditions 

  • 10 x Kilimanjaro summits
  • 3 x Base Camp Everest 
  • 2 x Great wall of China
  • Namibia
  • Iceland
  • 3 x Sweden (Canoeing)  
  • Costa Rica
  • 4 x Morocco
  • Borneo
  • Malawi
  • Zambia and Botswana
  • Romania

Personal achievements 

  • Berlin Marathon
  • Edinburgh Marathon
  • Multiple half marathons
  • Thames Trot Ultra-marathon
  • Race to the stones Ultra-marathon
  • Race to the King Ultra-marathon
  • 39 Highest UK Mountains in 105hours
  • Tour Monte Rosa
  • Lands End to John O'groats cycling in 9 days
  • Coast to Coast